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What We Do

It’s no secret that America is aging – the baby boomer generation is downsizing in record numbers and this trend is only going to increase in the coming years. Though changing work and living patterns of adult children might limit the family help available, seniors today have more housing options than ever before.

At My Move Project, we help clients navigate the process with as little stress as possible, ideally with a smile planted across their faces. Check out a breakdown of our customizable services below.

Downsizing Solutions

If you’ve been in your house for a while, odds are you’ve accumulated a lot of memories…and a lot of belongings. My Move Project helps you sort through your things and sell, donate, or discard items. We also coordinate estate sales, handle aging-in-place services, and perform general organizing.

· Sorting and Organizing Items
· Selling and Donating Unwanted Items
· Coordinating Online Estate Sales
· Aging-in-Place Services
· Home Organization

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Move Planning & Prep

Planning a move can get overwhelming. To help ease your burden and reduce your stress, we create digital floor plans that make the most of your new space. As a senior-oriented service, our two top priorities are safety and simplicity. On move day, we’ll coordinate with the movers to ensure everything is placed in the right spot.

· Professional Move Management
· Digital Floor Plans
· Floor Plan Measurements
· Expert Consultations
· And More

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Move Day Services

We might not physically load the truck, but we do the next best thing. To facilitate a smooth transition to your new home, we’ll source a vetted, trusted 3rd-party moving company in your area and coordinate with them to ensure the move goes off without a hitch.

· Moving Company Referrals
· Moving Company Vetting
· Move Day Logistics
· Move Day Supervision
· And More

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Setting Up Your Home & Settling In

Moving into your new place is just step one… the next step is to make you feel at home. From art hanging on the walls to a well-organized closet, it’s the little things that make a difference. Following the move, we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that your transition to the new place is as seamless as possible.

· Art & Décor

· Unpacking Essentials

· Making the Bed

· Setting Up Appliances

· Internet & Cable

· Utility Transfers

· Change of Addresses

· Vehicle Transport

· Photo Archiving

· And More...

All you need to worry about is getting comfy – let us handle the rest.

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Selling your home when you move?

We can buy your home in a private sale or help you sell it on the market. Discounts available if we help with your home sale and move management! Read more about our sales service here.

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