Frequently Asked Questions

What is a senior move manager?

A senior move manager (SMM) is a project manager who specializes in handling tasks and details involving every part of a move, such as downsizing, packing, moving, preparation of your new home, unpacking, decorating, handling of administrative tasks such as address changes or filing, and many more tasks. In other words, we remove all the stress and barriers to moving so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Why do we need a move manager?

Moving these days is tricky. With many families separated by distance, it’s hard to find the time and help to complete your move. And even for those who can make the move on their own, My Move Project’s resources can simplify and streamline the process. Our experience and knowledge should provide every client with an efficient and coordinated process.

Are you a moving company?

No, we aren’t. We don’t own a truck or a staff for heavy lifting. We will help interview and hire the companies needed for the move, ensuring they understand the unique needs of a senior move.

Why should I hire your company over a traditional moving company?

We will be there through every step of the move, from the initial consultation through packing and unpacking. Traditional movers don’t always understand the needs of a senior move, and will often outsource the needs to day laborers who also don’t understand those special needs. Traditional movers do not offer many of the services we offer.

How long will it take to move me?

Every move is different, so this will be based around your needs. You will discuss and plan your needs with us, which will help streamline the process so you can get your move over with as soon as possible. The key to ensuring a successful and efficient move is in the preparation. That is why we plan to spend more time before the move sorting, organizing, disposing & donating of your unwanted items, meeting with the new community staff to learn their move-in rules and access instructions, preparing your new home, and other small tasks to make move day successful.

How do we start?

We’ll first start by discussing your plan and timeline and scheduling your move. Go to our Contact Us page to reach out directly or use our calendar feature to schedule a call. The initial consultations come at no cost to the client.

How much notice do you need before my move date?

For planning purposes, the more time the better. But we do understand that not every situation has this luxury, so we can adapt and accommodate to your situation if need be.

What about items I don’t want to bring?

For items you don’t want to bring we can help you arrange an estate sale, organize charitable pickup, or organize junk-hauling. This is where we add considerable value to the move process.

What will be left to do after you’re done with my home?

Nothing! When we are done, your bed will be made, dishes put away, and everything will have a place in your new home. All that you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy your space. This may not be completed on moving day if you are completing a large move, but we will do it for you as well as removing all packing paper and cardboard.

If you have people packing, how will I know where everything is?

Our Move Coordinator will over see the packers, and make sure that everything you selected to get taken will betaken, and what you don’t want to be taken will be left behind. Make sure you pack an overnight bag before they start to pack your home, so you can ensure we don’t pack your pajamas and toothbrush. Since you spend every night in your own bed, we want to make sure you’re not missing anything necessary.

Should I clean up before you come over?

You can, but it’s not necessary. We offer judgement-free consultations and we’d like to see your everyday space to get a sense of what you use so we can get a feel of what you’re likely bringing with you.

What if I want to add services not on the original contract?

That’s okay! Please don’t hesitate to tell us and add whatever additional services you need to your moving contract. We’re here to help.

Will you help me move utilities?

Yes! Any utilities you need changing, such as the telephone, cable TV, or change of address cards. We are experienced in making these transitions efficiently.

Will you help prepare my current home for sale?

Yes, we can help you prepare your current home for sale to help lift that pressure. We can also help you sell your home. Co-owner Jake Knight is a licensed agent with Intero and is happy to offer discounted move services if he sells your home. DRE #02177568.

Selling your home when you move?

We can buy your home in a private sale or help you sell it on the market. Discounts available if we help with your home sale and move management! Read more about our sales service here.

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