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How Much Do Senior Move Managers Charge?

Learn the how senior move managers approach the cost of their services.

How Much Do Senior Move Managers Charge?

Senior move managers provide physical and emotional support to aging adults as they relocate to a smaller home or a care facility.

The very idea of uprooting and living in a new place can induce anxiety. In those situations, grasping the helping hand of senior move managers is the best decision to make.

However, many people shy away from hiring one because they are worried about controlling costs. But senior move managers are pretty affordable, and they are worth every single penny.

How Senior Move Managers Decide Their Service Charges

The price rates of senior move managers depend upon the different elements. The rates depend on the manager's expertise, experience, and services. Below are mentioned some of the things that determine the price range.

Geographical Area

Senior move managers' prices are determined by the area of the country you live in. In some states, the price is lower than it is in other states.

Different Charging Methods

Every senior move manager has a different way of charging for their services. Because everyone charges according to their service quality, it is difficult to determine the standard cost of a senior move manager. They use various charging methods such as:

  • Hourly rates
  • Weekly charges
  • Fixed prices
  • Service packages

Service-Based Charges

It isn't easy to calculate the specific costs because senior move managers provide a whole range of services and may charge separately for each one.

People hire them for certain services such as packings, downsizing, and supervision. So, the senior move managers charge their services according to the difficulty level. Some tasks are more challenging to complete than others, automatically adding to the final charges. Some of their functions can be:

  • Downsizing
  • Preplanning relocation strategy
  • Personalized shopping or other errands
  • Preparing the house for sale
  • Organizing a real estate sale
  • Finding storage units
  • Out of state moving
  • Providing emotion management

Experience and Qualification

Other essential elements that determine the price of a senior move manager are their experience and qualification. Highly qualified and experienced managers cost more than freshly qualified ones.

This is because they have a lot of expertise emotionally dealing with seniors, so they put a high price on their services. The simple fact is that the more moves they organize, the better they become at it. So, it also shows in the quality of work you can expect from a moving manager.

Things to Consider

Do not choose a senior move manager just because they are charging low prices. Remember, you need to buy a quality service that ensures your peace of mind and facilitates seniors in every way possible.

Consider the following factors before choosing the best moving manager for your loved one:

Hourly Vs. Fixed Rates

Before making a decision, see the services you require. For example, if you need their services for a week, choosing an hourly charging senior move manager is better because it will cost you less.

However, if the job is for an extended period, it is better to approach a fixed-rate senior move manager. Most of these moving managers offer multiple services packages. These packages are more economical and will cost you less than appointing an hourly charging moving manager. This is how we approach pricing. We want to give you certainty about cost and not worry about "watching the clock."


It is better to hire an experienced senior moving manager than an inexperienced one. Of course, they will cost a little more, but it will be worth it because they will offer better support. So, instead of pinching pennies, go for the quality.


Geographical area and qualification are usually the biggest determinants for move management service costs. But it is better to check the kind of services they provide, and what their previous clients have to say about them. Do this before putting your money down, and you will likely have a great experience with your local move managers.


 Relocation is often a difficult new transition for older adults. But senior move management can make it easier for seniors to tackle the move as efficiently and quickly as possible. If you'd like to learn more about these services or hire a move manager, get in touch with us today.